Mini Post #3 Maybelline Brow Satin

Sorry about the packaging - went all sticky trying to take the label off eek!!

Cream Powder

Soft Pencil

Happy Friday!

Sharing with you another eyebrow beauty beaut! as I mentioned in my previous mini post I love creating the perfect brow, its opens and defines the eyes.

I am starting to love Maybelline products most recently, I have already tried a eyebrow product from this brand - Eye Studio Master Shape Brow which I love. This is a new product from Maybelline called Brow Satin which I have to say is now my top favourite.

This brow duo has a pencil on one end to help create and define your shape, the other end is a cream powder to fill in the missing gaps and I love the natural appearance it brings to the brow.

Tips: I use a clear brow gel to help set the colour and spread the colour evenly. You can view the clear brow gel via my previous post which you can view here

What favourite product do you use to create the perfect brow?

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