#Manicure 27: Purple & Nude

Hi my lovelies!
I am so sorry for not posting a nail art post in a while! I tend to forget to do pics during - eek!
Anyways finally I get to show another (so excited) I pretty much went with the flow on this one and didn't plan, wanted to get creative and did what came.
I used nude and purple tones for this nail art, I love nude nails and purple is my fave colour so thought why not to incorporate the two.
I used the following polishes:
  • Nude Polish : Collection 2000
  • Lilac Polish : GOSH Cosmetics
  • Dark Purple : Barry M
  • Gold Glitter : Barry M
  • Silver/Pink Glitter : GOSH Cosmetics
  • Topcoat/Basecoat : Barry M
1. As my first step, I prep the nails by shaping and buffing and then apply a basecoat to protect the nail
2. I apply nail tape on the base of my nail - I always do this as it can allow you to have the design a little longer than a week for example ( I really hate when the nail colour grows away from the base!)
3. I paint 2 coats of the colours as shown , I painted two nails the nude shade and lilac shade and my ring finger the dark purple.
4. When fully dry I carefully peeled off the nail tape and cleaned the edges as much as I could
(TIP: If you find it difficult to clean up the edges perfectly, I usually have a hot shower or bath and this will soften the skin around the nails and you should be able to peel off the excess polish off the skin with ease)
5. Using the gold glitter polish and a thin nail brush , I applied a line across - this is one of my staples I use in all my designs, it allows you to cover any mess ups and neatens the design
6. I applied the silver/pink glitter in the centre of the nude nails to give that extra sparkle. On the purple tone nails using a small dotting tool - I applied dots using the gold glitter to give that extra sparkle and definition

7. Once fully dry, I then locked the design with a topcoat to give that extra shine too
Hope you like this design, and will make sure to post another nail tutorial soon.
If there are any designs you would like to see I would love to hear them, feel free to comment below or tweet me!

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