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Hi my lovelies,

Hope you are all wrapping yourselves warm with the snow we've had this morning eek!

I wanted to share with you some new perfumes I have recently purchased from all my time favourite site allbeauty. Most times than any, I would chance on buying a new fragrance before even knowing the scent. I tend to read the notes and of what is inculded and if its sounds like a good combination and something that I love the smells of - I take the chance and go for it.

To be honest, for the prices of perfumes on allbeauty, whether you choose celebrity or designer brand you will never be at a loss as the prices are amazing and great value.

So furthermore , I'll introduce to you my two new addtions to my perfume family.

Rihanna Rebelle
I pretty much own all of Rihanna fragrances as I have fallen in love with all them. I absolutely love  Rogue and Nude which I have shared my loves for them within a previous post.

What usaully catches me with Rihanna fragrances are the bottles, it is so beautiful and elegant and love the intricate yet simple design. Every single one of her fragrances are very different to one another and does show the growth of her scents in each one.

Rebelle bottle is the same design as Nude only with a different colour as this is the previous fragrance, I have seemed to have bought these in the wrong order ! The notes of this perfume are what captivated me with this fragrance, it inculdes strawberries, plums and a jolt of ginger for that added spiceness and has top notes of tropical, cacao and of course vanilla orchid and creamy musk, any perfume with vanilla orchid will be an instant hit for me as its my favourite note.

Its does last a fair while, although admittedly Nude lasts a lot longer than this one. I always purchase the 100ml and for under £20 you can not go wrong.

Halle Berry Reveal
The second perfume I took a chance on was Reveal by Halle Berry, this is quite an old perfume and was released back in 2010. I bought this more so for the price and thought why not give it a try, I have heard very little about it and always thought it was for the mature woman.

The notes are lovely too and inculdes notes as mimosa, peach, melon, red berries, plumeria, iris, neroli, vetiver, cashmere and musk. In terms of what is included it is very different to the usual signature scent I go. I was pleasantly surprise with this, the scent is beyond gorgeous and the bottle is pretty with its

simplistic design and lovely glass bottle top. 

The scent lasts a long time too, especially if you spray onto your clothes, the scent stays close to you and always capture a hint of it as you move around during the day. Out of all the perfumes I own this is one scent that pretty much lasts all day which is always a plus nowadays. The bottle is small and compact and is great to carry with you in your handbag.

For under the value of £10 it surely is a great buy. So hope you will get the chance to try out these lovelies and add to your collection.

What's your favourite perfume?

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