Beauty Products: That did not work for me..

Hi my lovelies,
As I shared with you my monthly favs, I wanted to share with you some products that did not really work for me, most of these products I realised after a couple of uses they did not agree with me or I found they were too hard to work with.
Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer
I did a previous post on this lovely primer, I really liked the consistency and the slight pink tone it gave to the face before applying make up, it was only after a couple of uses I found it dried out my skin a little and in some cases got a little flaky, which become difficult to work with as a base for my make up. All in all its beautiful product but did not agree with my skin.
L'oreal Liquid Superliner
I love L'oreal products and I currently use the Gel Liner, I have heard great things about this superliner and wanted to see how lovely it was, this liner is lovely and the consistency is exactly what I love in a eyeliner, however I could not adjust to the brush, I found it was too thick and found it hard to create my thin eye flick and as it dried quickly, it only gave me one chance to get it right! If it was not for the thick brush this product would of been perfect.
B Contour Kit
I actually got this from a previous event I went to for Superdrug, and received this contour kit within my goodie bag, its a lovely product, but for my skin tone, I found the brown powder was pretty much my skin tone, so had to apply quite a lot to my face to build up the colour, the highlighter was to creamy for me to work with and did not last as long as I would of liked.
MUA Matt Lipstick
I love all of MUA Lipstick which all costs £1. I have got all the shades so when I found out the Matte shades were being released I jumped at the start to try them. The matte shades were not very pigmented and found it dried my lips and perhaps it was this shade which is a light plum shade, but the colour was not visible and made my lips looked bruised.
Nars Cream Blush & Contour
I received this as gift from one of my lovely friends, its cream based in a peach and brown tone one is used for contouring and the other is used as a blush, both colours and the consistency is absolutely beautiful. But as I use a powder foundation these are hard to work with and does not mix with a dry base. I will try these with a liquid foundation and see the effects.
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I found this powder did not set my make up the way I wanted it to, the coverage I found was too light and made my base look a little cakey, even though it was a translucent powder, it did make my face look white based rather than dissolving into my skin, sadly it did not give the results I wanted it to.
Here are the products that I love but did not work for me, even though these did not work for me, they may work for you, they are great products so do give them a try as you may get a complete different result than I did.
What products have you bought that did not work for you?


  1. I didn't get along with L'Oreal Super Liner either, such a waste of money!
    So sad about the Nars duo too, I'd expect it to be really good!
    Happy March Yasmin! :) <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    1. Happy March to you too!
      Thanks so much for commenting


  2. Love your blog design, your banner is so pretty! :)

    1. Aww thank you that means alot.

      Thanks so much for visiting, ill give you a follow


  3. I've tried a MUA lipstick in the past and didn't get on with it unfortunately!

    Rebecca Coco

    1. Ye - I do like some of their shades, but do find their matte lipsticks rather hard to work with.

      Thanks for visiting.



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