Top 6 Ways to Beat Writers Block..

Hello my lovelies,

Ever had a time where you ran out of ideas? or you just got stuck in the same place and could not continue? Lack of inspiration, fear, or anxiety can cause to lose the craving to write and give up - I can say I have recently gone through this, which is a reason why I have not posted in a while.

It can be a frustrating experience especially when you want to write and share things and be creative, but I did admittedly felt lost and did not know what direction to go into next. To help me get back into writing, I tried a few things to help get my inspiration as well as my head back to full of ideas.

If you have ever felt this or going through this - here are some ideas for you to try....

Make time for writing
Its so easy for life and daily routines to take over, and can get to a point where you don't have time to write and its easy to feel the pressure of not writing. Stop. I have come to realise your best posts will be those you make time for and those you become passionate about. Put time aside to allow you to focus and do what you love.
I found when you let your mind wonder and be free, you may end up finding yourself creating more ideas and inspiration. Your mind works best when you let it flow on your own.

Read Materials
I found reading books, magazines, short stories and blogs may inspire you and help give you that spark back. I can say reading as helped me the most, especially reading other bloggers material - reading your fellow bloggers material gives so much inspiration as you are reading their passions allowing you to tap into yours.

Social Media
Reading tweets - this can help greatly as there is always someone asking a question or reference to a product or style which can help give you topics to write about, looking through Instagram accounts - having visual is a great way to tap into your creativity too.

Talk to friends and family
Talking to your loved ones is a great way to share what your going through and also another resource of topics you could write about, you can also have a brainstorm with them to help to create ideas too!

Take a Break
Last but not least, take a break, there is a reason why you have writers block. You may be overworked or under stress, you can listen to music to help you unwind, hang out with friends or even take a mini vacation which always helps to make you feel refresh and ready for new material.

Hope some of these ideas can help get rid of your writers block and back into your love of writing, I am so glad to get back into this again and looking forward to sharing more future material with you.

I would love to hear your experience or any other ideas you have that helped you...


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  2. Great post. Also it helps just being inspired by what surrounds you, life in general. Letting the heart express into words what it likes/hate, love, feel, etc. I agree, reading makes you feel more inspired & also talking to people we love.

    Mafer, Euphoric Wanderlust | Bloglovin x


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