What to do with old Magazines?

Hello my lovelies,

Do you collect magazines? Do you have so many and not sure what to do with them? 

I am one to admit I absolutely love magazines, I went through a period where I was subscribing to many from Elle, Vogue, Marie-Claire and Instyle. I found magazines to be an inspiration and it always helped me to be creative whether it was through each blog post, developing my own personal style and finding new beauty products.

But it came to a point where I realised I did not use them as much or did not even read the new magazines I would receive every month so finally decided to stop all subscriptions. As a result I have now accumulated so many which I don't have much room for. So had to figure out what I can do with them?

If you are in the same dilemma as me here are some ideas....

- Donate
You can donate to charities, hospitals or even libraries - this is a nice way to give back and recycle the use of your magazines.

- Sell
Depending on the issues you have, you can sell some of your editions for a good price - you can sell on your own through eBay, Gumtree or you can even sell your collection of magazine as wholesale through sites such as crazy about magazines and magazine exchange - nice to get some money back to invest in whatever you like!

- Create
If you feel like getting creative you can make
- 3D Wall art
- Make your own stool: You can buy a set of wheels and bound your magazines with a belt to keep in place, would be a unique piece to add to your room!
- Frames: You can create patterns on frames to give that extra edge.

I hope I have inspired you with ideas on what to do with your collection of magazines, I am going to give some of these a try.


  1. Great Ideas, I did the Birch Box Harpers Bazar offer and the magazines are so pretty it seems like such a shame to throw them out! Since I'm trying to branch into portrait photography, I've been cutting out pictures I think could be useful for poses, lighting etc for inspiration and storing them in a folder.


    1. Ye thats a good idea :) its great to reuse them.

      Thanks for visiting


  2. Hi Yaz,
    I have 100s of magazines I've been subscribing to Vogue and Elle for years, I cant bare to throw them out and am turning into a bit of a horder. I'm going to take a look at the websites you recommend and try and sell a few!
    Thanks for the tips xx

    1. Yep I can relate! I cant bare to throw any either, but its incentive knowing you can sell some and invest it in something else :)

      Thanks for visiting xx


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