Hi my lovelies,

I wanted to share a couple of purchases I made recently to add to my facial routine. Garnier products has always been a favourite and has always been part of my daily morning and night routine.

I have been using Garnier Pure Active range which is ideal and perfect for combination oily skin and currently using their cleansing gel and toner and then I found this Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water its a cleansing water which helps to remove make up, dirt and purifies the skin and eye area in 1 step without the need to rinse.

I absolutely love this product, its perfect for my 1-2-3 step routine, and it helps to removes any unwanted dirt, my skin instantly felt hydrated and refreshed.

Another addition to my Garnier Collection is the new night moisturiser Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Restore Night I have always found it difficult to find a night cream that was lightweight and not greasy. This beautiful cream not only helps to restore the skin it supports the skins natural repair cycle and left my skin feeling radiant and fresh-looking in the morning.

I'm in love with this cream, its so lovely and lightweight and smells gorgeous too, it has a light consistency and quickly absors into my skin. Looking forward to seeing further results.

What do you use during your facial routine?


  1. garnier cleansing water is something really amazing! helped me a lot

    elena ||

    1. Ye it really has helped me too - feels so refreshing!



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