Staying Focused: Being a Blogger

Hi my lovelies,

Staying focused of being a blogger in your own right can be challenging at times and if you are finding this too - I wanted to share with you my own concerns as well as overcoming them. I created 'Be You' back in 2013 but have become more consistent with posting as of summer last year.

Starting a blog is always exciting as its fresh and new and I was spilling with loads of ideas to share from the latest beauty craze or a new fashion garment, but as more and more time went on I did come to a time where I was demotivated, lost and stuck on what to write or was worried "would anyone want to read this?" and did take a long time out last year as I needed to reflect on the reason and purpose of why I started a blog in the first place.

Its so easy to lose that as you can become obsessed with numbers, stats, followers, pageviews and other bloggers success - which I have come to realise its a BIG no no.

We are at a time where there are so many bloggers which I think is beautiful as it allows us to be inspired, share our loves and passions and the opportunity to meet so many lovely people who understand what we share within the blogging community.

Here are a few tips to staying focused:

1. Redesign
Having a redesign of your blog can bring immense energy and motivation to continue - I decided to give my blog a revamp and my own trademark with a personal illustration which I adore. You can read more on my blog design here. This was one of the best things I did as it felt brand new and allowed the spark of blogging again.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others
This is a natural thing to do especially if you have self-doubt and belief. You wonder why do others have popular posts? or more ratings? this can become serious in some instances as it can easily develop into becoming negative and demotivated which can show in your writing. How I overcame this? I stopped looking at others and focused on myself and growth, only you know your own direction and only you can work towards that.

Admittedly I am still working on this as I do sometimes fall into that trap again of questioning myself but persevere and the rewards of your hard work will follow.

3. Building Resources
I found through my current journey, I am wanting to expand and do more things, more photography, various topics and sometimes I am prevented to do this due to limited resources. Such as I am aiming to do more fashion related posts, only problem I did not have anyone that could assist in taking my photos, but I have come to realise you can create what you currently have.

I have started to use my tripod and using my self-timer on my camera to capture my photos (yes at times, I do feel silly doing this, especially in public - but I try and keep in mind, why I am doing this and yes those people might wonder "what are you doing?" but what's great you may not even see those people again.

This is just an example, they may be other things your limited on such as content materials, props for your photos, whatever it may be, you can use what you already have - you will be surprised what you can create.

4. Goals
It always useful to create personal goals for yourself or timelines to help you along with where you want to be. For me as I feel I am not always consistent with my weekly posts - I will create up to 4 pieces of content a week and make sure to upload twice a week, this helps me to be consistent as well as having back up content for those times when you have writers block or going away and you want to keep content for your readers. Soon as you get into the rhythm of having a set routine it will be second nature to you and may find you would be creating great content.

5. Have fun!
Finally yes have fun with it! The reason I started blogging was to create a online diary of my favourite beauty products as I am obsessed with anything beauty - and I enjoy and love writing about it.

I hope you liked this post and you found this useful, I would love to hear your views on blogging and how you keep building your content, I always love to hear great tips!


  1. Great tips! Hitting that 'blogger's block' is definitely an issue, I find goals help me too and keep me on track :) x
    Ally |

    1. Im so glad you liked the post and I agree with goals - I couldnt live without them.

      Thanks for popping by


  2. Yasmin!!! :D Love this post and definitely some great tips. When I first started I was comparing myself to other bloggers, but it doesn't do yourself any good at all, I've stopped doing that, but I do compare myself to their IG posts. I am always curious how post such great pictures!

    Love your blog and layout! Its so pretty and nice (: xxx

    1. Aww thank you!

      I know so do i ! Instagram has always been a mystery to me lol


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