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This post was inspired by the lovely Julie over at Fashion Beauty Acne she's a new blogger I have had the pleasure to be in touch with - her material/content is amazing and I'm sure you will love her as much as I do.

Whats prompted me to do this post? Well I am turning 28 at the end of this month! eek! As I have pass the threshold of the famous mid 20s and now approaching my 30s - the older you get you do tend to look at life alot differently and reflect.

I am hoping this post will inspire young teens and those in your early 20s in hopes in helping your mindset and outlook on things that I think today - Why did I worry and stress about the little things?? If I had the chance to speak to my 18 year old self, or had the chance to be 18 again (I wish!) here are some things I would tell myself.

Most of who are studying, may have had student loan during your time and I oftened look forward to the next installements and would spend fruitlessly on clothes, food, you name it - anything I wanted I would not give it a second thought.

Now - I wish I had at least saved some of it - as there is no point enjoying student life without perks right? But you do realise especially when you graduate - what do I do next? what do I do? You start thinking of bigger things, bigger investments such as a property, a car. By saving at least it can allow you get closer steps towards it.

Now this one is a biggie for me - I happen to meet my ex-boyfriend at the time of study, lets say I was head over heels, madly in love - which I can say was one of the best experiences of my life, I learnt so much from it, but at the same time - especially when your young approaching adult life, its important to have fun, enjoy, experience new things.

My advice? Dont rush, be patient when it comes to relationships - you will have your whole life ahead of you and more so which I did end up doing was forgetting about my friends. Don't make your entire life about you and your relationship as I have come to learn they do not last forever.

I have met so many wonderful people during my lifetime, especially during university - this is where you get to meet the most diverse and different people and also those who are similar to you. Enjoy those friendships, be loyal, have fun and if you can do not let anything get in the way of that - if those true friends mean the world to you - don't be afraid to show it.

Something I also learnt - do not get wrapped up if someone shows you less attention then a fellow peer, the worse attribute anyone can have is jealously. It can bring out another side to you that you may not have even know was there - believe me it happened to me and it did not end so pretty - I actually lost the most closest and dearest friends. Its not worth it. Be open to having many friends, don't just stick to one person.

Now something I wish I did more of was travelling - seeing the world. You do not realise how much free time you actually have as a student till you start working the 9-5 (believe me it sucks) I also realised travelling is not expensive if you are just catering to yourself. Last minute deals, city breaks - whatever it may be - grab the chance, make the most of your free time and explore.

What do I mean by time? As we all know time goes past so fast, before you know it - its 10 years later! Make the most of your time, dont waste, I found I would sit and think of things I wanted to do, things I wanted to pursue, ideas I wanted to create, but was too scared, or the fear set it, or just constantly putting negatives on it, which prevented me in doing anything at all.

Have a plan, set it out, and go for it - what do you have to lose?

Be You... Be Yourself
This is one of the most important to me, I wish I took this piece of advice, I often compared myself to others, even competing with others, may it be fashion, academics, whatever it may be - I wanted to at least be the same or better. When I found I could not compete, I would find myself at defeat and beat myself down which then affected my self-confidence and self-esteem and still trying to battle that till this day.

To sum up....
  • Love and believe in yourself
  • Be happy
  • Do not be afraid to do what you think may be the impossible
  • Live and take chances...
  • Explore the world / Explore life

These are some things I have learnt - things I wish I knew when I was 18, but life is a journey and believe it or not we already have our paths set out for us, its for us to choose where that takes us and where to  go. Hopefully some of these are helpful and gives you an insight and remember if you feel scared, fearful or afraid - do it anyway.

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