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Hi my lovelies,

I may be a little late or out of the loop but this brand Lottie London has recently caught my eye more for their packaging and colours! They cater to all our beauty needs, from eyelash curlers, tweezers, nail files and even beauty blends.

I managed to get my hands on their beautiful brushes, nail polish and selfie mirror.

Lottie Best Of Brushes Collection
This ready beauty pack contains the best of Lottie brushes (as they sell them individually too) and this collection has all the essentials needed from foundation, blending, powder to eyeshadow. I absolutely love the colours and design of these brushes, they really stand out amongst my brush collection even the brushes has a hint of colour too. They are so soft and easy to use and really blends in any type of make up well.

Lottie Nail Laquer - Nude
There are many colours in their range one to fit for every season. This polish has a lovely consistency and more importantly has a lovely brush which glides on to the nail with ease, you can never go wrong with a classic nude nail and has always been my year-round staple. Really cannot wait to grab the rest of the colours.

Look At Me Mirror
This is one of my favourite accessories to date, I have many compact mirrors but none like this, its a one sided mirror which makes it so easy to have make up checks on the go and I love the simplicity of it and just as it says on the back - ill always be #SELFIEREADY

If you in love with rainbow colours of this unique range, don't miss out.

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