Soap &Glory| 1 Heck of a Blot

This is admittedly my first time ever trying a Soap and Glory product (I know! where I have been?) This is a pressed powder called One Heck of a Blot I have recently been having oily skin and had to change a lot of my skincare and make up routine including the products I used.

This powder is beyond amazing and is now one of my official Holy Grail products, its a new super-translucent mattifying powder which truly takes away shine. It offers shine control and absorbs your natural oils. I love that it is so light and smooth and gives your skin that velvety finish. All skin types can use this. I only this mainly on my t-zone - nose, forehead and chin.

Its a great powder to top up during the day, if you feel your face needs that little pat down. It also sets my concealer under my eye perfectly and prevents it sitting within my fine lines.

After trying this, I am  now eager to try out their body care range, I keep hearing how fantastic their body scrubs are!

Do you love S&G? What are your faves?

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  1. I am yet to try any Soap & Glory products and this is the second review I've read saying that this stuff is amazing, so I think I definitely need to give it a go!



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