*The Wedding Book of Everyone

This beautiful book by The Book Of Everyone is a special hardback edition to give to a special couple on their wedding day. Half of the book is dedicated to the Bride and the other to the Groom.

I absolutely loved how this book was presented in a gorgeous laminated box and is available in a hardback or deluxe finish, all you need to do is insert the Bride & Groom names, date of birth as well the date of their wedding day and The Book of Everyone does the rest for you.

It provides you a step-by-step guide of each page and allows you to personalised some pages with pictures and words. The first page is from the author (you) to put some lovely words to the Bride & Groom - a page to write your personal message.

The rest of the book? Based on their dates of birth, the other pages provides interesting facts and stories of events that have happened when they were born, such as #1 number hits, fun facts on science, horoscopes and much more. In essence its a 2-in-1 book, the front of the book is for the Bride and if you turn the book over the front of the book is for the Groom.

My mum and her partner are due to get married this year and dedicated this book to them and I'm sure they will love this book and especially love the personalised touch I have chosen.

Its a book a married couple can treasure forever and cannot wait to give this.

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  1. This looks really cool! Definitely something really interesting to keep to look at. :)


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