Spotlight Series Q&A: Mascara & Maltesers

Welcome to the first 'Spotlight Series'... over the next coming weeks, I'll be featuring a favourite blogger once a week - these beautiful bloggers not only inspire and motivate me but always deliver amazing content which I love reading.

First this week is the lovely Annabel at Mascara & Maltesers from her clear mascara addiction, Annabel shares all things beauty with makeup tips and reviews. I have been following for the past six months or so and have enjoyed every post, I find her entries and overall design to be captivating, inviting yet simple.

I luckily had the chance to ask her some questions about her blog as well as some personal insiders to help us get to know Annabel.

Hope you enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog
I'm Annabel. I have a unnecessary mascara addiction. That also covers makeup and all things to do with beauty, unfortunately for my bank account. I am also a bit of a social media geek, and if you didn't guess, a slight Malteser-o-holic. Mascara & Maltesers is just my beauty blog for me to showcase my reviews, makeup tips, thoughts and wish lists.

How old is your blog?
1 year 6 months.

How would you describe your blogging style?
Not sure I have a style, but I do try to keep the theme of my blog relaxed and just a place for makeup and beauty lovers. You won't find any controversial topics, or anything too heavy on here. Mascara & Maltesers is aimed to be light and airy, just like its name!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am a keen horse rider, since I have been about 5 so that keeps me busy. I also have a not so guilty pleasure for books and magazines, with a bit of chick-lit being a personal favourite, however rubbish!

What is your favourite go to beauty product that you cannot live without?
This changes all the time, but at this current moment is been a gradual tanner, and one the L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Elixir to be exact. With this I can be more lazy with the rest of my makeup, but no doubt soon I'll soon switch back to not being able to live without mascara!

What is your favourite food you like to indulge in?
Well, if my blog name doesn't give it away then it is Maltesers. To be fair any chocolate doesn't ever get rejected, but Maltesers are my favourites.

What is your top favourite fashion brand?
I always say I don't have a favourite, but judging by my wardrobe there is one brand that takes up the most space, and that is All Saints. Their colours, cuts and styles just suit me perfectly - I think!

Who are some of your favourite bloggers?
Some of my favourite bloggers at moment are, Heather from Porcelain Beauty, Lily from Pint Sized Beauty and Chloe from The Little Plum.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own blog?
I'm not sure I am in any position to give advice, but I would say just make sure you're starting blogging for you. Do it as you love beauty, writing, photography or whatever and anything else that comes from it is a added bonus.

Finally, tell us a random fact about yourself?
For the past 7 years I have made a living purely by modelling.

Thanks so much Annabel for being a part of my Spotlight Series and sharing with us and I hope you all enjoyed getting to know the beautiful person behind Mascara & Maltesers. If you don't want to miss out on any upcoming post or just to keep updated do give this lovely blog a follow.

Deets are below!

Instagram: annabelflorence

Keep an eye out on the next spotlight series next week where I share with you all another favourite blogger!

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