Spotlight Series Q&A: Oh Hey There!

Third week of the Spotlight Series! I am really enjoying sharing these with you as I get to share my favourite bloggers at the moment and its also great to get to know more about these fabolous ladies! 

This week is Jasmine from the lovely Oh Hey There what I love about this blog is Jasmine dabbles in so many areas from hair, health, DIY of making your own products and of course my most love beauty, she always provides her most honest and personal reviews as well as sharing tips and tricks of how to look after our luscious locks to having great looking skin.

It was fun to ask Jasmine some blogger related as well as some personal questions of her likes and loves. 

Hope you like!

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog 
My name is Jasmine from Oh Hey There! I am blog about beauty, health and lifestyle but I am always looking to include new things. I begun blogging a little over a year ago and have found it to be one of the best things I have ever done. It is something I have become very passionate about and hope to continue for a long time to come!

How would you describe your blogging style?
Casual. I am a very casual person naturally so trying to be anything other never goes well! I am not someone who is great at cultivating an image or creating a very set style. I think that takes a lot more concentration and direction than my brain allows me, I am what you would describe as 'scattered' so sometimes my style is just a little all over the place! I am not so much an intricate brush stroke, more of a paint splatter!

What is your top beauty tip?
Be healthy. Look after your skin, your hair, your body and keep everything in good working order. Whilst I may be a 'beauty' blogger, I would rather be healthy than fit into some kind of 'ideal' any day. I have sacrificed health for what I thought was 'beauty' in the past and have lived to regret it.

What is your go-to make-up product?
Concealer. I have a very uneven skin tone, but don't always like to wear a lot of makeup so a good concealer is my go to product! I also tend to suffer with a lot of breakouts that scar quite badly so I need sometime a little more heavy duty! I have just started using the Maybelline Eraser Eye recently and think it is amazing.

If you could only use three make-up products for your day look - what would they be?
I often do! Concealer, blusher and a brow pencil/mascara. That is my day to day look. I love wearing eye makeup sometimes but I am a bit lazy and find wearing it all the time irritates my eyes. I am very much into anything that is low maintenance!

What is your favourite Movie/TV Series/Soaps?
Don't do this to me! I probably love TV a bit too much so this is a very tough question! I think I would have to say 30 Rock. I love Tina Fey and 30 Rock never fails to make me laugh. I also love that is it often kinda heartwarming and the unlikely friendships theme always brings a smile to my face. I have lost count of the times I have seen the entire series and I am able to recite entire scenes from memory (which is a little sad!).

Who are some of your favourite bloggers?
Estee Lalonde aka Essie Button - She is my dream friend/life idol. There is something about her personally that is so magnetic and she is so funny. I also love how her personality really comes out both on youtube and in her writing still. I also really love her style and the fact that she speaks to her dog Reggie in the same way I speak to my cat makes me think we would be best friends.

Georgina Grogan aka She Might Be Loved - She just seems like such an awesome person and she is so bloody beautiful! Her makeup is always perfection and I love her style. She is also really honest about what she likes and dislikes regardless of concequence and her opinion is one I very much trust!

Caroline Hirons – I love that Caroline is such an expert in her area. I know that if my skin is having a bad week, I can just stop by her blog and I will have learned about 10 new things about my skin and how to treat it! She is also so straight talking and so no nonsense, which makes me love her all the more!

What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own blog?
Firstly, go for it! As that will probably be everyones elses response though I would also say to stop reading other blogs for a little while. Take a little space and think outside the box. I think that nowadays there is very much a blogging 'style' or at least a few of them. I think many really do try to emulate this and there own style can get a little lost. Don't get me wrong, finding inspiration from others is always going to be a big part. The problem can be if you go into it with a very fixed idea of what you should be doing you may be limiting yourself. I know I have been guilty of this!

Finally, tell us a random fact about yourself?
I have a phobia of both cheese and bananas. Being near either makes me physically wretch! Nice little thing to remember me by!

Thanks so much Jasmine for sharing, it was so great to getting to know you a little better. If you would like to keep in the know and updated of all Jasmine's future Beauty, Health and Lifestyle post make sure to give her a lovely blog a follow!

Deets below!

Instagram: ohheytherehair
Twitter: @ohheytherehair

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