My Top 5 Beauty Mistakes...

This post was inspired by the lovely Annabel from Mascara and Maltesers and thought it was a great idea (her blog is amazing and is such a lovely read) I absolutely loved reading her beauty mistakes as we all make them - its exciting to learn from them.

So.. here are my Top 5 Beauty Mistakes

Wearing eyeshadow up to my brow bone: Yep I did eek!, when I was younger you could say I did not know the art of blending, I would wear one eyeshadow usually the brightest colours you could think of and work my way from my eyelid up to my brow bone. I kinda looked like a deer in headlights depending on the colour used.

Lost my curls: This may have to be one of my biggest mistakes ever! I had extremely long, curly hair, curls most girls love and dream of - I found it hard to manage at times and did not know what was the best products to use, as soon as my mum allowed me to use heat appliances and dye my hair I never looked back, which sadly resulted in losing my natural curls (having a crying moment)

I would say if you do have natural curls, embrace them, love them, enjoy them as I think curly hair is beautiful, I wish I realised that before I started experimenting as it is hard to get them back.
(If you have any tips of how I could - I would love to hear them!)

Dark Eyebrows: I started to thread my eyebrows from the age of 14, I had pretty full thick eyebrows so when shaped I was in love. Sadly there was one occasion when someone decided to get carried away and rather than walking away with lovely full eyebrows it looked like I drew them with a pencil. I was mortified!  So since then I had to result to filling them in (and waiting for them to grow back!)

As I did not pick up the skill I would fill them with a black pencil or eyeshadow which you can imagine looked rather dramatic and too strong and did that for a number of years can't believe I walked around like that, but now I'm getting better using lighter colours and brow gel and any other products I can get my hand on to create the perfect brow.

Spider Legs Eyelashes: I was once obsessed with long full eyelashes, (I still am!) but rather than applying 1-2 coats I would keep applying and applying till the point I lost count and ended up creating a clumpy spider leg effect, I used to think it was a great look (lol). Having done this for a while, I think I lost a few eyelashes along the way which is no surprise.

Pink Cheeks: I love applying blush or bronze to accentuate my cheekbones, however sometimes I went a little too pink and that mixed with my eyeshadow disaster I looked like a clown, it was absolutely terrible and definitely one of my embarrassing moments..... :S

What were your beauty mistakes?


  1. I've done all of these haha! I'm still waiting for my eyebrows to fully come back and I used to wear blue eyeshadow up to my brows. I'm cringing thinking about it haha

    1. haha. OMG me too! Why was it always blue? .. so funny but loved learning different beauty tips and tricks along the way.


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