10 Summer Tips for Luscious Hair!

I find our hair in the summer can tend to feel dry and depending on your hair type frizzy too! I was excited when All Cures approached me to share their tips as well as my own on how to look after and maintain those luscious locks.

Whatever your hair type or texture whether its curly, wavy, straight or naturally frizzy, I hope these tips can help you as much as they help me.

I find in the summer, I tend to suffer with dry scalp it could be the humidity or the heat drying out my natural oils/moisture but I can say its rather annoying and very embarrassing!

#Tip 1 
Before washing your hair, massage the scalp with any sort of natural pure oils. This can be almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and for lovely results leave to soak in overnight, then wash your hair as normal. Not only will this remove your problem of that embarrassing shedding look, but it also leaves your scalp feeling conditioned. Massaging the scalp also help to stimulate hair growth which is always a plus! I love using coconut oil, many places have this available - I love Superdrug own brand, you can get quite a lot in the tub and little does really go a long way.

#Tip 2
With the help of having a healthy scalp - eating carrots - Yep - carrots!, they have a incredible source of Vitamin A which can help to having a healthy scalp also. Who knew!

When your hair is wet always use a wide tooth comb, when using a regular brush, your hair can break a lot more easily causing split ends and those of you with natural curls it can result to frizz and losing those tame curls. By using this special kind of comb, you will put a lot less tension through the hair and it leave feeling smooth and tangle free!

#Tip 4
Deep Conditioning Treatment - Think of our hair like a plant, they like to suck up as much moisture, water and nutrients as possible. At least once a week after your normal shampoo and conditioner, apply a generous amount of a deep treatment conditioner - there are many intensive conditioners you can try, some for colour, others for dry hair - I recommend Pantene Pro V Mask Repair  it says to leave for only 3-5 minutes but to really have the benefit of this I usually leave for an hour, then you can rinse and style as normal. In doing this, you are restoring your hair healthy balance and giving it back its natural moisture which can be taken away from the daily heat styling and products used.

For your normal shampoo and conditioner I would recommend Garnier Ultimate Blend, its absolutely gorgeous and smells lovely too, it has such a creamy consistency and truly leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth

#Tip 5
Eating dark leafy greens such as Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage and even Lettuce are all packed with Vitamin A and C which contributes to strong healthy hair, they also provide iron and calcium.

#Tip 6 
Oysters - this is a new one for me, I did not realise how these can help. By eating oysters you will be boosting your hair with zinc, a mineral that helps regulate the production of androgen's. Lack of androgen's results in dandruff and slow hair growth.

#Tip 7
Flaxseeds - The oil from this helps strengthening the hair and helps growth, it also keeps the moisture content in the hair. 

Water temperature is probably the last thing you think about when it comes to hair care, if your anything like me and love your showers blasting hot because it feels so good! I tend to wash my hair with the same temperature, however there are pros and cons in washing your hair with very hot and very cold water. Even though hot water rinse away dirt and oil it can also cause to open up your pores and hair cuticles which strips away your natural oils, it can cause frizz to the hair too.
#Tip 8 
Wash your hair with lukewarm water if you want to wash with hot water you can do this, however make sure that your last rinse is with cold water, what this will do, it will close the pores and seal in that moisture. It also increases shine to the hair as cold water is known to cool the hair cuticles.

#Tip 9
Heat Styling - If possible, try to not apply heat every day. I know this can be difficult for those that have natural curly/wavy hair like me! But as we all know heat can cause split ends and the natural condition of the hair, If really needed, I try and use just for the front of my hair and tie the rest in a ponytail or bun, this way you are not applying heat to the entire hair and allowing it to breathe a little. If you do apply heat to the hair, blow cool air onto the hair, which can be done by your hair dryer, cool air just like cold water, closes the pores and increase shine.

#Tip 10
Drink plenty of water!  This is an obvious one, but water is so helpful in general for the body especially our skin. Drinking water can also help with our hair for growth, strength and overall condition.

The lovely all cures have also provided a colour diagram of some of the tips I have mentioned above. Feel free to read and share amongst others.

I hope these tips are helpful to having luscious locks!

Do you have any haircare tips for the summer?

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