Bourjois' Delice de Poudre

I have only been using Bourjois Delice-de-Poudre for the past couple of days and was eager to shout about this. I have tried many bronzers, contouring kits, tube sticks from a range of different brands and little did I know my perfect bronzer was right on my door step and from a drugstore brand too!

Honestly, I have not tried any of Bourjois products (I know!) I found a lot of their products, would not suit my skin tone but I have heard much about this particular bronzer and it has also been voted Superdrug's best bronzer and we all know how much of a Superdrug lover I am so had to try it.

My first thought? I loved the packaging, I loved how it replicated a chocolate bar, the smell is also divine with its chocolate scent - a first for me! It's so creative and unique not what you would particular find in a bronzer. It is so easy to apply, and glides on with ease, the colour is very pigmented too and suited my skin perfectly, it truly gave a natural tan glow and worked perfectly as a contour to warm up the skin, I also love the shimmer it has embedded to give you that ultimate sunkissed look.

Since using this, I have abandoned my blush and wear this alone with a highlight to define certain areas of my face like my cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin and it works a treat. I am loving this natural glow look - perfect for this season.

Have you tried this Bronzer? 
What are your favourite Bourjois products?


  1. I have been using this for ageeeees, It's amazing isn't it?! I love the smell too!

    1. Yes!! it really is :) cant believe i didnt know about till recently. Its one my official go to products xx

      i adore the scent :)

  2. I keep hearing wonderful things about this, I need to invest!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Yes you do! What I love so much about this, its perfect for all skin tones. Its a beaut!


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