*The Libbie Club: July Beauty Box

You are probably thinking what is 'The Libbie Club' I was introduced to this by the lovely Julie from FashionBeautyAcne and this club is a community of beauty fans who are rewarded for reviewing, sharing and reffering beauty products - we are able to recieve a free beauty box - yes free! to allow us to review honestly and give feedback of our thoughts of products. You can recieve a 'free' beauty box every month if you are able to engage your fellow readers, friends or family in buying them.

Now this can be difficult as depending on the products provided they are not always suitable for everyone, but its a lovely opportunity to try out new and interesting beauties.

In this months box I recieved:

Mini Steam Clean
This is a beautiful cleansing balm consisting of ingredients such as British Thistle, Eucalyptus and refreshing Spearmint oils. This balm helps to melt away all that grime, lifts dirt and brings your skin back to life. 

All you need to do is massage a small quantity onto you face and neck and soak a face cloth into warm water and hold against your face for a minute or so this allows to activate the essential oils through the steam and then deep cleanse away by rubbing your face gently. It left my skin feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated, this is perfect to use as part of a night care routine. You can also use this method to remove make up.

Beach Tint
This is such a versatile product and a makeup staple, avaliable in a range of shades, this beautiful beach tint can be worn on the cheeks or lips for that ultimate 'beach look' I am not great with using non-powder blushes or cheek stains as I tend to look like a clown, but this was lovely to use on the lips - it was beautiful to use with a lip gloss for that shine finish and the colour is absolutely gorgeous - perfect for the summer. What I love the most its so wearable and water-resistant which is always a plus, a  makeup essential to take on hoilday.
Bioeffect Volcanic ExfoliatorThis product is one of my favourites out of the three I recieved. I am always on the look out for great exfoliators and love adding to my collection, especially for this time of year, unwanted oils, grease and dirt can build up on the skin leaving it feeling a little worse for wear.

Containing Icelandic micro-crystalline lava, it allows to deep cleanse the skin by massaging the crystals gently into the skin, once rinsed my skin felt so soft and smooth and reviatilised, you can really notice a difference to the skin - looks alot more refreshed and my skin appeared to more supple.

If you are interested in being apart of this beauty community, be great for you join us so you can review some fabolous products - you can read more here

What are your thoughts on this month's beauty box?

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