Pick My Style

I love trying new apps, especially those that can help us with our day to day and whats better than the world becoming your own style advisor. Do you ever have moments where you think.... How does this outfit look? Which colours look better? Which shoes? Should I buy this? Would this make a staple item in my wardrobe?

Pick My Style is an awesome app in helping to answer those questions for you and making deciding outfits so much more fun. When we have moments of indecisiveness (for me nearly everyday!) we could always use an honest opinion, and if you happen to not have anyone around you to give their opinion. Pick My Style presents a solution which is not only straight forward but is unbiased feedback from a community of people just like you giving their honest opinion. Cool right?

Not sure if the outfits looks good? Not sure on the style of shoe with that skirt? Take a pic, post it and get instant style feedback. There is also the "VS" tool which is my favourite, you can post two images of the same style with a different shoe or two complete different outfits and let the community pick which one is better.

Whether its an outfit, fashion item, trend or a general style doubt this can all be put at ease with this app. Its a real time saver and your own personal stylist on the go!

Just like other apps such as Instagram you can browse through a feed and help others just like you through their fashion choices! Its also just as inspiring as looking through a fashion look book , a magazine or other style bloggers who we all love and adore. This app is just amazingly cool and such a great idea to help us girls to find our own style.

Pick My Style is available for download here for Apple users and Android users here or you can search directly through your App Store and type 'Pick My Style' to download straight onto your phone, join me in being part of this community in helping you and others!

Have you tried this app? 
What do you use to help with style inspiration?

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