Top 5 Products I Cannot Live Without...

Do you ever have those moments when you break out? Hair that tends to be too greasy? Or scars/blemishes that we hope can be diminished? - everyone tends to suffer with something and its great to have those reliable products that always help calm those situations and get back to your normal self.

I wanted to share mine.. 5 in particular! These are my top 5 beauty products that I regularly use on a daily or weekly basis to help with those moments and hope these tips can help you. What I love about these products (except for 1) they are all inexpensive and all cost under £5 and work absolute wonders!

I absolutely love this product, it can be used a number of ways and lasts for ages, you can purchase a big tub or carry around a travel size which is always handy. I use Vaseline mainly for under my eyes, I apply a small amount after my night care routine and let the natural oil settle into my skin. As we all know under the eyes are the most sensitive and delicate, and now I'm getting older, I am noticing a few fine lines (eeeekkk!) and this helps wonders. By applying this just before going to bed, it will keep it moisturise and wrinkle-free. I also find it refreshes my eye area too.

I know a lot of bloggers have recommended this product for one thing and one thing only - spots! We hate them right? And sometimes we break out in the most horrible of places - (usually the most obvious, like on the center of your forehead) When I do break out, just before going to sleep I would dab a small amount onto the spots making sure there is an even coverage, I even apply it to my blemishes too. You will almost instantly feel the soothing feeling and find it reduces your spots after a couple of days, at times the next morning.

Coconut oil
Any sort of naturals oils are lovely to use, I tend to use either Almond or Coconut oil, I use to suffer from dry scalp which was uncomfortable and just couldn't shift it. Just before I wash my hair, the night before, I would use a generous amount and massage coconut oil directly onto my scalp to help nourish and soothe. As a plus, by massaging the scalp you also help stimulate hair growth, I would then leave this to settle overnight and would wash my hair as normal. Its a lovely overnight treatment and helped my scalp considerably. I tend to suffer with dry scalp when the weather changes and can take a while to adapt, doing this simple process, removes it.

Baby oil
This is another oil I rely heavily on - Baby oils are great to use on wet skin after a bath or shower. Rather than rinsing this off, I would apply this to wet skin and then dry my skin as normal with a towel the oil soaks into the skin leaving it feeling lovely and soft - you don't even need to moisturise if you choose not to. Also as tip - this is great to apply to the skin after shaving - it soothes and nourishes the skin, I find certain creams can irritate the skin leaving a stingy sensation or red pimples. Baby oil is the perfect replacement for your daily creams.

Rose Water
This is one of my favourite products, I had the chance to try an organic rose water from Instanatural and has been one of my holy grail products since. Its so gentle to the skin and can be used as a toner - it helps to balance your natural PH and restores the skin. Its also great to use as a deep condition for the hair, I would apply this to the ends of my hair after my normal shampoo and conditioner and leave for an hour and rinse. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and makes it easy to style too. You can read more on my thoughts on a previous post here.

That's my top 5 beauty tip products to use for those emergencies or to help maintain the balance of your skin and hair. I hope you find these tips helpful and would love to hear what you think.

Do you have those relied products that help you out of sticky situation?
- What are your go to products?


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