Do you love Facial Wipes?

Facial Wipes will always be a controversial product when it comes to our daily morning or night routine, I for one do use these on a regularly basis as they are quick and easy to use. However ... there are things we do need to be aware of and some little tips you can use too!

1. Wiping Bacteria
As these are used to help remove make up, make sure to always use a clean side of the wipe when removing, if you constantly using the same side you are essentially wiping your days make up as well as any grease and dirt which may have built up during the day which can cause breakouts.

2. Do not use on delicate areas
Delicate areas such as our eyes, the texture of the facial wipes can be rough and as our eyes are the most sensitive, if rubbed too hard, not only are you making the skin sore but can create wrinkles and fine lines. (Which we definitely don't want!)

Tip: If you do use these around the eye area try applying an organic oil to the wipe such as jojoba, argan or even a cleansing lotion this will help soften the facial wipe, and help glide off the make up easily not to mention waterproof make up too.

3. Always wash and cleanse 
This is probably an obvious one, after using wipes, ensure to always wash and cleanse the skin thoroughly. Of course facial wipes do not remove everything (pretty much the top layer) and do have a deep cleanse I always use a cleansing gel which acts as a facial wash then a cleanser/micellar water to help remove any excess dirt - this will help the skin be prepped and clean for your moisturiser and/or facial oils.

Ideally, cleansing balms or lotions can be more effective and gentler on the skin. But.. by using the tips above, not only can you continue to use facial wipes in your routine but you are also being more gentle to your skin too.

My favourite facial wipes to use are Simple Cleansing Wipes or B Pure Micellar Cleansing Wipes I find they are a lot softer than most and also very wet in consistency and not drying.

What do you think of Facial Wipes?


  1. Thanks for the tips! I like using facial wipes, because I'm a bit lazy;) I especially use them when I'm really tired, to remove my make up before going to sleep.

    1. I agree! Thats the best time to use them - its a quick go to for those lazy moments - they are great to take with you on all your travels.


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