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I wanted to share with you a new love of mine Elizabeth Arden Beauty Perfume its not the usual type of fragrance I would go for as I love sweet scents, with notes including Rice Flower, Rhubarb, Orchid, Amber and Sandalwood its a beautiful stunning fragrance from this classic beauty brand. 

Most would say its a rather mature scent and floral (surprisingly two things I stay away from!) the scent can be rather strong once applied onto the skin, but once its settled its smells gorgeous. I do find it only lasts a couple of hours or so but you always touch up when needed. 

What attracted me the most was its sophisticated bottle with its classic red and gold detail it really stands out against your bedside table or bathroom shelf. This is just the perfect everyday fragrance for women. You can purchase this almost in any department store but Amazon do have an amazing value of £11.79.  

Are you a fan of Elizabeth Arden Fragrances?


  1. I have this and I LOVE it, I know exactly what you mean about it smelling more 'mature', I loved it so much, I thought 'I can absolutely be mature' ;)


    1. lol.. Definitely! I am so glad theres someone that likes this, i know it can be a bit of a hit and miss!


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