Fame Fragrance by Lady Gaga

If you have been reading my previous posts you will all know how much I love celebrity fragrances, most recently I have been purchasing many 'blind-sighted' I look forward to the mystery of the scents when they are delivered to me. I read the notes of perfumes (as well as reading reviews) and just take the plunge and buy!  

This beautiful fragrance Fame by Lady Gaga was released back in 2012 and is the first ever black fluid perfume to be created. The notes are just beautiful and consists of jasmine, apricots, orchid and honey, these are just to name but a few, I love that's its sweet yet floral. I am still fascinated when sprayed it turns clear from the bottle (still find that amazing!). Its not as long-lasting during the day but found it lasted around 4 hours on the skin, but you can easily top up when needed. It is perfect for evening wear. 

How lovely is the packaging? The gold spider-like lid that crowns the entire bottle, of course we cannot forget the liquid is black. It's just a gorgeous bottle and will look beautiful among your other beauty products.

What are your thoughts on the first ever Black Fluid Perfume?


  1. I love sweet and floral scents and jasmine & honey are some of my fave notes to have in a perfume so I'm gonna deffo have to give this a whiff the next time I'm at a perfume counter. The bottle is to die for!

    1. Yes make sure you do! Make sure you purchase this within the link above at Amazon - their prices are crazy and very much worth the value. Knowing you love those notes im sure you will love this too ...Let me know what you think :)



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