How to get to Sleep | 5 Surprising Tips

Struggling to get some shut-eye? Keep waking up during the night? Or are you always tossing and turning? In today's post I am going to share with you some quick and easy tips on how to have that perfect nights sleep.

1. Have a hot shower/bath
The heat from the hot water works wonders for helping you to relax and there is no harm in treating yourself to a little pamper such as a face mask, body scrub anything that will help you have that 'fresh-feeling'

2. Drink Herbal Tea
Having a hot drink maybe half an hour to an hour before you sleep can be very soothing and calming, you can have anything to your liking from green tea, chamomile tea, my favourite is apple and cinnamon as long as it does not contain caffeine as this will keep you up all night!

3. Hot Water Bottle
As its getting colder during the nights, having a hot water under your sheets makes all the difference, not only will it make you feel warmer but it creates a cosy feeling - helping you to dose off.

4. Listening to Music
For me this is a must, I always have to sleep with something calming in the background, it can be sounds of a piano, nature, even yoga music. Spotify has amazing playlists for this - by leaving this on a low volume but loud enough for you to hear this helps creates a calm atmosphere to help you sleep.

5. Lighting
This of course depends on you and what you are comfortable with. Lighting is important when trying to sleep, you can have full darkness, a lamp on, or even a little night light to help create a dim mood. Whatever it may be it needs to suit to you and what makes you feel relaxed.

That's my top quick tips! What I love about these, they are inexpensive and most likely you will have these already in your home to try. Hopefully these will help you to easily drift off.

What are your tips in helping you to sleep? 

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