October Skincare Favourites

Its that time to share some of my favourites, this month in particular I have been obsessed with skincare and wanted to highlight this in a separate post. As we get older its even more important to look after our skin. My skin is constantly changing from dry to combination now oily I have had to change many of my products to adapt to my skin.

So without further ado here are some products I am loving!

Botanics Rosewater Spritz Toner (£5.99)
This is a new product I have just started using. Spritz toners are so lovely to use especially as part of your night time routine - I used to use a Vitamin C Toner which was lovely (but rather expensive to keep restocking!) so I found this perfect dupe. I use this after I wash and cleanse. Not only does it keep the skin hydrated it also helps remove any unwanted make up and love how the skin feels smoother, fresher and creates a perfect base for moisturising.

Olay 2in1 Hydration & Radiant Glow (£9.99)
As my usual moisturiser of Estee Lauder Clear Difference Gel ran out!, my budget lets say was on the low side so needed to find something to replace in the meantime but still create a glow to my face as well as abase for my make up. And I found this limited edition from Olay. Its a lovely light moisturiser  t - I was quite surprised with as its cream based not gel, it absorbed in the skin perfectly and did not leave the skin feeling greasy or oily.

Lush Grease Lightning (£5.99)
This would have to be my top favourite of this month, those of you who suffer with acne/spots or frequent breakouts this is a must have!  It has a powerful combination of ingredients to help zap those pesky things away. Ingredients such as rosemary, thyme and tea tree it helps not only to minimize the appearance but also soothes redness. I notice a difference in my skin after 2 days, I apply this twice a day after my moisturiser and I just love it.

Botanics Cleansing Cream (£3.99)
So you may have or may not read a recent post about Facial Wipes as I was writing that post I thought to go down the route of trying to remove my make up by either using a cleansing balm or lotion. And I have been proven right (even though you use a lot more cotton wool/pads!) it is so much gentler on the skin and removes even my mascara perfectly. If you are looking for something inexpensive this beautiful cleansing cream does the perfect job. This would definitely give higher brands a run for their money.

Nivea Body Cream (£3.75)
This is a oldie but goodie. Now we are in a colder season, I love using thicker creams and this cream is always a product I go back to, its rich and creamy in consistency and absorbs into the skin lovely. Only downside it can be a little greasy when first applied but once dried your skin will feel so soft. 

This has been my trusty night eye cream for as long as I can remember, Simple is one of those trusted brands we all know and love and is perfect for all skin types too. I apply this softly around the eye area at night and love the instant fresh feeling, it helps to reduce puffiness and helps tired eyes (something we all need!) It just soothes the skin. It does not help to remove dark circles, but does make the skin feel a lot more softer and vibrant.

What skincare favourites have you been loving this month? 

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