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I happen to randomly pick these products up from boots, I had at the time ran out of some of my essentials and was in desperate need of dupes until payday. Botanics is Boots own brand and can cater your specific skin type whether your skin is normal, dry, combination or oily they also cater for mature skin for radiant youth.

I wanted to try a cleansing lotion/cream to help remove my make up instead of facial wipes, which is what I have been currently using, we all know facial wipes is one of those products that are hit or miss but over time can be rough to your skin. Using a small amount on a cotton pad, this lovely cleanser easily removes all makeup and oil from the skin. I loved the fresh feeling it gave and even more it removed mascara with so much ease. 

Ingredients such Hibiscus acts as a natural brightening booster, something we all crave for our skin, my skin felt a lot smoother, brighter and has made a lovely addition to my night care routine.

Nothing is better than a spraying toner especially after a long day, this can be generously applied after cleansing, not only does it tighten pores but helps removes any last traces of make up. My skin instantly felt hydrated and refreshed and creates a lovely base for your moisturiser

I have tried many facial oils from natural argan and jojoba as lovely as these are it did tend to leave the skin feeling greasy. This organic facial oil containing rosehip and omega oils is a lovely boost to the skin and can be part of your morning and night routine. After the first time using this, I could see a dramatic difference the next morning, my skin felt a lot more smoother, brighter and supple - my skin looked so much healthy and vibrant which after one use is more than I could imagine, more so my blemishes and redness looked a lot more calmer - this was one product I was surprised with in terms of its result. 

Boots currently having a offer on this range and you can get 1/3 of its price which is a bonus! Pick up some of these now whilst you can. 

Do you have any dupe skincare products that you love?

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