Tips on how to say 'No'

Saying “no” can be empowering — Not only is it an assertive act but it allows you take a stand for your own well-being. Each time you say the word “no,” you are telling yourself (and others!) that your needs are important too. Learning to say “no” will help you to set your own boundaries, sets your needs and lets you focus on the activities that bring you happiness and fulfillment.

What sparked this post to share - I had an incident recently where I was approached by a sales person, it was for one of those makeovers/photo shoots. My mistake was stopping rather than walking by with "No thank you" Instead I felt trapped by this sales person trying to get me to join this venture, I did admittedly say 'No' a couple of times, but did not appear to be assertive enough - to cut a long story short I ended up getting bought into this idea without feeling I had a choice and was left feeling defeated and being hard on myself.

This is why boundaries are so important especially if you already know in your heart of what the answer is to whatever it may be. Its always important to put yourself first.

"It is difficult to set bounds to the price unless you first set bounds to the wish." 

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