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Hi and welcome to my blog, Be You.

My name is Yasmin and I'm 20 something living in London, I've always had a huge passion for beauty especially make up! It all started from the age of 14 when I use to sneak into my mums make up collection before school and dab on a little mascara here and blush there (I did get caught a number of times!) since then my love of make up as never left me.

As my family wanted me to pursue into a career that was more focused on academics rather than a creative field, I never had the chance to devote my entire self into the beauty world, before I knew it, I'd finished school, then college, got my degree and now a full time job and still felt somewhat empty. I needed a creative outlet, a platform where I can show to people as well as myself to reflect an online diary of lotions and potions and other various topics that I always had an interest in. 

I inititally created this blog 'Be You' back in 2013. but after a couple of months I was never pleased with my content or felt it was not good enough so I took a break I needed to figure out the purpose and the whys of starting this - I guess fear and anxiety settled in and took over. 

So I decided enough was enough and from the Summer of 2014, I came back and gave my all, after a redesign and new fresh topics I felt like new again and cannot believe I ever doubted myself. I created this to allow myself to share all my thoughts whether its beauty, a fashion piece or just general girl talk and if I get a few followers on the way that love what I write then I know I've achieved what I wanted. 

'Be You' has become a huge part of my life, I have always been the person to hide away in the shadows and I am so thankful of what blogging has done for me personally. Thanks to those who have supported me so far, and those of you who enjoy reading this little part of the internet - I am looking forward to growing my confidence and envolving into someone I've always dreamed of. 

I have learnt you cannot do anymore than 'Being Yourself' and true to you.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, it really means a lot.

Lots of love...x

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